Good recruitment is vital for every business, ensuring your team is made up of the right people with the relevant skills and abilities to fulfil the business’ current and future needs. Ultimately you want your recruit to be with you long term?

Effective resourcing isn’t just placing a job advert or searching a job board, done properly, it has an impact on the long term success of the business

Recruitment is a crucial activity within a business.  Get it right and your people are assets to you who drive commercial outcomes in your business.  Get it wrong and you run the risk of impacting on 1. Business profitability 2. your business’ reputation and 3.  having a high turnover of staff.

All those involved in recruitment activities should be armed with the appropriate knowledge and skills to complete this task to a high level.  A recruitment firm will seek to develop a good understanding of an organisation and its requirements because they are committed to building a collaborative partnership which will ultimately yield positive results.

Effective recruitment strategies are a good way of reducing costs associated with hiring, introducing defined processes for all hiring managers to adopt across the business. Put another way, someone may have all the pieces of the recruitment puzzle but not know how it fits together.  A recruitment plan simply tells the individual how to put the puzzle together. Here is the link explaining what you should expect from a recruitment process