Quite simply a Recruitment Consultant is someone who focuses specifically on recruiting and all their activities are dedicated to this process.

An HR Consultant on the other hand, works within a business, supporting them in achieving their goals through its personnel. An HR Consultant may have recruiting as one of the many responsibilities of their job function. However, what makes them different from recruiters is they also have a number of other key functions and tasks which they are responsible for in terms of looking after the needs and demands of the staff and the business.

The HR Consultant role varies according to the size, structure and demands of the business and may include:

  • Advising the leadership and management teams on HR regulations, policies, and procedures;
  • Supporting the business through organisational and legislative changes;
  • Designing and implementing policies and procedures in relation to attendance, grievance, disciplinary etc; and

Ensuring the business is operating within the necessary guidelines of employment law.