Your recruitment partner, be that internal or external, should be your guide on this. Sometimes it is easy to identify from a CV.  Sometimes not.  The job market has changed considerably over the last decade (remember 2008!?) and has become more fluid with many viewing the interim market as an opportunity to venture into new sectors, upskill or add variety.

For me, identifying between the two comes down to:

  1. CV/Profile;
  2. Questioning/Conversation;
  3. Their outlook and mindset; and
  4. How they operate – are they operating on a limited company basis, umbrella co or PAYE.

Permanent and interim candidates tend to have quite different profiles and outlook. 

An interim professional is aware of what they bring to the table.  They have amassed a wealth of experience and are paid not just for what they know, but what they do with what they know.  Interim professionals will come with the appropriate skill set (and more) at their disposal, be comfortable with no training or handover and are at ease with the length of the assignment.

Those that want permanent roles, tend to have a slightly different outlook. 

They will also have a good skill set to deliver the job, but it may take a little longer to ‘get up to speed’.

They may expect to be trained in certain aspects of the role and the ‘longevity’ of the assignment may also be a concern.