“Three things a leader or manager should be thinking: What‘s happening? What’s not happening? and What can I do to influence the outcome?” – John Baldoni




Saj Akbar operates as a niche consultancy, deliberately, so we know your business in detail and can support you with the best advice, market knowledge, recruitment strategy and talent.

We utilise our expertise and our network to identify the best interim professionals in the market and place them in assignments that allow them to fulfil their potential.

Interim Professionals are needed when a business requires specialist knowledge, to deliver important programmes/projects or to help them through a demanding time.

In our view, interims add most value when they are engaged to-

  • Resolve business critical issues
  • Manage or deliver business projects
  • Provide hands-on business support in functional roles
  • Provide “one off” skills not normally needed

Everything we have achieved at Saj Akbar has been the result of building meaningful networks and relationships over a long period of time.  82% of our business is either repeat business, via referral or recommendation.

We believe that your recruitment supplier should be more than just a CV provider – a business partner who has gained respect and credibility in your marketplace by building a strong network.  A partner that can provide help and support, answer your questions and has your best interests at heart.

At Saj Akbar, we work hard to understand our network and determine what environments, roles and personalities will work well with which clients. The result being that our short lists are of the highest calibre, often through years of acquired knowledge of individuals.

Whether you are looking for a seasoned interim or subject matter expert, we can help.

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